Saturday Morning Update: Group Show at El Kartel

Well, it’s Saturday morning again blog followers. Coffee in hand? Great. Here’s a little update on my trip to El Kartel last Saturday night.


The show was small but well curated. Because I love fashion and art I was looking for where the two came collide. Someone was paying attention to colour in the curation of mannequins near the art and I snapped a few of my favourites.

I had come on the invitation of Priscilla Yu who was in the show. I had a chance to chat with her about her art  and I couldn’t help but notice that her fashion sense is as keen as her art skills are (ps. You can see her in the crowd photo above with the green jacket and pink purse). Inside scoop on her painting on the far right: the scarves on the table in the photo actually exist and she has dreams of opening the clothing shop she depicts in the piece.


And then the two mysteries of the night. Is this art part of the show or part of the decor at El Kartel?:


And what the heck does this sign say?:


Ah well, it would not be a real art show if were all transparent now would it? Here are some photos of the event, including my outfit and the Priscilla Yu t-shirt I altered … more or less successfully.



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