Audain: The Museum in the Trees

Architecture by Patkau Architects of Vancouver

The weather was bipolar that day, which was fitting for my Gemini birthday. The drive up to Whistler was sunny and beautiful but as I ran up to the Audain Art Museum, I held my jean jacket over my head to avoid the rain. Before I reached the building though, it had stopped again and I peered out from under my jacket at the stunning architecture, so perfectly placed into its setting, yet boldly holding its ground. I think I came in the back way, but I didn’t mind because it gave me a perfect view of the building from the bottom up. The long flight of steps leading up to the entrance felt almost like taking the last few steps up the side of a mountain to stand triumphantly at the top, exhausted, but thrilled by the accomplishment and the view. And the view, in this case, was well worth the climb.



Teresa and Tom Gautreau Gallery


Photography and Vancouver


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First Nations Art


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Art of Our Time




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Edward Burtynsky: The Scarred Earth


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Chili Thom





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