The Space – An Art Gallery and a Unique Business Structure

By Gina Sarro

Yaletown. It’s about the coolest place in Vancouver and that’s one reason why Jolayne Devente chose it as the location for her gallery. As the brain child behind the unique business structure at The Space, an Art Gallery, it’s part of what she counts on to make the gallery a success. The other thing she counts on is keeping her team of artists inspired to go after their own success.

By Philippe Sokazo

The plan basically played out like this: Jolayne dreamed up the idea and brought Bill Higginson and Olga Rybalko in to help her run the gallery, giving her a solid team of artists. But the concept Jolayne had was more than just a great team of artists running a gallery. She wanted a space where artists took ownership of selling their art, and weren’t at the whim of crippling commissions from galleries. Jolayne, Bill and Olga carefully selected serious artists who had proven their art was viable and who had the commitment to be contributors to the gallery. These artists then rented wall space and studio space from the gallery, and they now work in the gallery themselves. Whatever sales they make are 100% theirs.

One of the studio spaces in the back of the gallery

The official opening was on September 14th, 2017. I came to check out the new gallery and, of course, to check out the art. I’m always on the look out for innovative ways of structuring that fall outside the top-down paradigm. If you’re intrigued by new ideas too, or even if you just like great art, check out The Space, an Art Gallery for yourself!

Art viewers checking out William D. Higginson’s work
By Jolayne Devente
The crowd … and the mysterious champagne pouring crate. Ask about it 🙂
The painting with my name on it (literally) by Rebecca Neat
By Donna Giraud
By Rebecca Neat
The dashing doorman at the entrance to the gallery
And me in one of the studios in the back

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