In the summer of 2015 I moved from a small community in Northern BC, Canada to Vancouver. I landed a position with the Art Program at the YVR Airport, and started writing an art blog: Big City Art. The name was a way of encapsulating what it felt like to come from a small town and discover life in the city. It was, at times, overwhelming, but also so full of potential. The possibilities were endless.

But like all things that make my eyes sparkle, it had a shelf life. I began to yearn for something more profound; something that spoke to a truer part of me. I found myself questioning the value in simply writing about art shows – as much fun as that was. Although I felt like I wrote mostly from the heart, I was questioning what impact it was having on the lives around me and in the greater world. This eventually led me to act on a dream I had had for a long time, and that was to learn how to facilitate art as a healing agent. I enrolled in the Expressive Arts Therapy Program at Langara College.

Now that I’m working towards bringing the work back to my community of Hazelton, it feels like the name, Big City Art, no longer reflects my focus. As I consider what community means to me and how all of the arts have come together to help me in my own healing journey, the name Little City Arts feels much more fitting. So here it is, Little City Arts – welcome!


Cynthia D. McCreery