Journey to the Centre – An Art Meditation

This image is of a Susan Point sculpture in the rotunda at the Vancouver Art Gallery. The power of art can come, in part, through how it is set into space. I chose this image both for the art and how it interacts with the space it is in. This image is enough on its…

The Benefits of Art Meditation

“Art is Life”, “Art is Change”, “Art is Essential”. How many cliché art phrases have you heard in your life? Probably enough to convince you that art is not really your thing. How many philosophical commentaries on art have you passed over.  Perhaps enough to make you believe that art is something for academics to contemplate….

Inner Balance in the Quest for Creativity

Attending the Susan Point show, Spindle Whorl at the Vancouver Art Gallery got me thinking about the balance of Masculine and Feminine in the quest for creativity. Point so beautifully blends the two elements in her work. She has such a design eye and has ventured into her art career with a drive for success….

The Creative Sweet Spot

  You know the feeling. You’re doing something and you’re completely oblivious to time passing, someone saying your name, the fact that you have to pee … all completely irrelevant and ignorable compared to that sweet, sought-after feeling of being completely in the groove. But it’s not the groove itself that I’m going to talk about…